CarmanWhite was established in 2000 and we provide specialised professional development services in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, UK, Hong Kong and India. Transformational learning is what we are best known for.

We offer specialised services such as:

public professional development programs
tailored in-house initiatives
coaching for action and result
executive mentoring
leadership and management benchmarking
team development and benchmarking.
360 degree profiling and assessment
accreditation in specific areas of recruitment

Our Services page has more details on the full range of services offered by CarmanWhite, and Online Bookings has the dates and details for workshops coming up soon....

Feel free to contact us by phone or email for any other information.

CarmanWhite has been a member of ITCRA for 12 years. We are an ITCRA Training Supporter and provide a wide range of public and in-house professional development services to ITCRA members across Australia and New Zealand.
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